Our wholesale relationships are of the utmost importance to us.  We are looking to form relationships with those who are dedicated to preparing and serving exceptional coffees.  If you share our passion and ethos for coffee, we are very much interested in talking with you about working together.  Please take a moment to read our minimum ordering criteria and fill out the form below.

Order Minimums

To help facilitate green coffee availability and consistency Slate Coffee holds the following minimum order criteria for our wholesalers.

Weekly Order Minimum – Wholesale orders placed must meet a 25 lbs order minimum.

Duration of Commitment – As part of becoming a wholesaler, Slate holds a minimum expectation of a 3 month duration of commitment.

The 25 lbs weekly order can be met weekly or cumulatively over the course of a wholesaler’s duration of commitment.* For wholesalers who intend on ordering Slate Coffee for durations greater than the minimum period we would like to touch base quarterly to evaluate your ordering needs and assess how we may better serve you and your coffee program.

* If you are purchasing coffee for a one-time event or engagement that does not fall into these specifications we will be happy to discuss your needs with you further.