Slate Singular Series

The Singular Series was created by Slate to feature the highest echelon of specialty coffees from around the world.  Patrons can expect to see a wide variety of 90+ coffees from ages old-growth Yemeni heirlooms, to Panamanian, Ethiopian and Colombian geshas.

We are launching our signature series by featuring a quatrain of coffees from Port of Mokha, the labor of love of founder and coffee explorer Mokhtar Alkhanshali.  Slate has partnered with Mokhtar not only because of the truly world-renowned Yemeni coffees that he is sourcing; but just as importantly due to the ethos and mission of his company.  Port of Mokha’s goal is to go into the some of the worlds most treacherous and impoverished coffee regions and teach farmers how to create truly exceptional coffees through continual on-site education, and through the creation of a sustainable long-term market for the green coffees.

As Mokhtar says “we aren’t trying to feed a man or a woman one fish, we want to teach them to fish so that they can feed themselves forever”.  This is a mission that we have decided to get behind and with every cup of coffee you can support this truly exceptional coffee movement.  To this end Slate has decided to donate $5 to the Mokha Foundation for every bag of Singular Series coffee during this holiday.  “The Mokha Foundation directly invests in improving the quality of life in Yemen in a variety of ways that include: supporting farmers and their families, preserving natural resources, and disrupting the refugee crisis at the front line”.

 – Keenan Walker, co-owner Slate Coffee Roasters