Under Pressure

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Producer  Family-owned farms located in Piendamó | METAD Agricultural Development PLC
Region  Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia | Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia
Cultivar  Castillo, Colombia, Tabi | Heirloom
Elevation  1650 – 1720 masl | 1900 – 2200 masl
Processing  Washed | Natural

Modern espresso.

Raspberry preserves, chocolate, graham cracker

Espresso is coffee brewed Under Pressure. This blend is designed to be put under such constrains and come out tasting creamy and sweet. This makes for a delicious espresso that can be enjoyed on its own, but also pairs beautifully with milk. Under Pressure can even be used for brewed coffee for those who prefer a darker roast style. Under Pressure is a blend of two coffees. The first is Cauca Piendamó, a washed coffee from Colombia comprised of the castillo, colombia, and tabi varieties, which lends Under Pressure its rich texture and sweetness. The next coffee, Chelchele, is a naturally processed coffee from the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia that lifts the blend with clean berry notes.


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