Under Pressure

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Producer  Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora | Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm PLC
Region  Antigua, Guatemala | Guji Zone, Ethiopia
Cultivar  Bourbon, Pacas | Heirloom
Elevation  1200 – 1300 masl | 1900 – 2200 masl
Processing  Washed | Natural

Modern espresso.

Espresso is coffee brewed Under Pressure. This blend is designed to be put under such constraints and come out tasting creamy and sweet. This makes for a delicious espresso that can be enjoyed on its own, but also pairs beautifully with milk. Under Pressure can even be used for brewed coffee for those who prefer a darker roast style. Under Pressure is a blend of two coffees. The first is Bella Carmona, a washed coffee from Guatemala comprised of the bourbon and caturra varieties, which lends Under Pressure its rich texture and sweetness. The next coffee, Kayon Mountain, is a naturally processed coffee from the Guji Zone of Ethiopia that lifts the blend with clean berry notes.


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