Slate Bells Ringing – Holiday Blend

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Producer  Smallholder farms around the Karimikui Factory |  Jorge Antonio Arboleda
Region  Kirinyaga County, Kenya | Urrao Antioquia
Processing  Washed | Washed
Elevation  1600-1900 masl | 2011 masl

Holiday blend.

For the holidays give the gift of love, joy, and delicious coffee to those that you cherish. Hopefully, they re-gift it back to you and you can enjoy it all yourself. This blend consists of two washed coffees, from Kenya and Colombia respectively, and was designed to evoke the warmth and spirit of the holiday season. Upon grinding delight your nose with holiday spice. Upon brewing you will be greeted with sweet white nectarine juiciness and molasses, followed by a brown sugar finish. This coffee will translate beautifully through your brewing method of choice and pairs well with milk. Even your aunt that you see once a year will find herself going for another cup this holiday season.



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