Burundi Gacokwe

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Producer: Many Local Growers
Region: Rango, Kayanza, Burundi
Cultivar: Bourbon, Jackson, Mibirzi
Processing: Fully washed
Elevation: 1650 masl
Harvest: May – Jul ’16

In the tiny landlocked nation of Burundi, the Gacokwe Washing Station is located in the town of Rango, in the Kayanza Province.  On average, there are 2,000 coffee producers contributing to Gacokwe, 565 of which contribute directly to the station, and 1,435 of which contribute to six different collection points.  In the area, farmers also produce banana, beans, sweet potatoes, cassava and taro.  With the unreconciled tribal conflicts of Rwanda and one of the lowest GDP in Africa, coffee in Burundi presents a logistics challenge.  Ongoing work and investment by Cafe Imports has yielded coffees of remarkable quality, as exemplified by Gacokwe. Upon tasting you can expect notes of tangerine, key lime, and jasmine.


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