Kenya Kibingo AA

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Anthony Kimani Irungu
Region Kiringyaga County, Kenya
Cultivar SL-28, Ruiru 11, Batian, K7
Elevation 1550 – 1635 masl
Processing Washed

Burnt sugar, tamarind, tropical fruit

Kibingo Estate is a 7-acre estate located to the North West of Kerugoya town. Its owned by Anthony Kimani Irungu with the day to day operation overseen by Justice Warui Ngondi. Processing at Kibingo is unique as its one of only a small number of estate factories that uses a pregrader/multi-disc depulper. The pregrader means parchment is separated by density in to three grades, P1, P2 and P3, then fermented separately. All coffee is fermented for 48 hours then washed in channels to further grade the densities. P1 is sent to a holding tank for 24 hours then dried on raised beds. Justice believes the 24-hour soak removes bitter caffeine from the parchment and makes the coffee sweeter.”


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