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Producer  Vides Family | Canaan Estate
Region  Apaneca-Ilamatepec, El Salvador | Carmo de Minas, Brazil
Cultivar  Bourbon, Pacas | Bourbon, Catuai
Elevation  1200 – 1300 masl | 1050 masl
Processing Washed | Pulped Natural

Traditional espresso.

Crema serves as a hallmark of quality espresso for the classic coffee drinker. While the rich, creamy foam topping espresso has become a subject of debate in the specialty coffee world, we believe that its quality is subjective and a matter of personal taste. Our Crema blend presents the sweetness for which Slate’s coffees are renown, while offering the richness and balance of a classic Italian espresso. Currently, this blend is comprised of two seasonal coffees from Central and/or South America. When paired together, these coffees produce a syrupy, full-bodied espresso topped with luxurious crema that is sure to please the espresso traditionalist.



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