Costa Rica Olman Vargas

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SAN RAMON, Costa Rica
 Olman Vargas
Region San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica
Cultivar Red Catuai, Villa Sarchi, & Yellow Catuai
Elevation 1380 masl
Processing Natural

Mixed Berries, Honeybush, Chocolate Covered Cherries

There is nowhere like Costa Rica when it comes to coffee processing and micro-mill innovations. Just ask Olman Vargas Chavarría who has dedicated the better half of 25 years perfecting a variety of processing techniques at his 22-acre farm in the canton of San Ramon within the province of Alajuela. Olman uses his own micro-mill where cherry selection and drying are meticulously executed. This natural processed coffee is an example of precisely executed methods of drying coffee inside the cherry, which eliminates the need to wash the coffee and greatly reduces the environmental impact, while at the same time, producing an expressive cup profile.


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