If I order coffee, when can I expect it to arrive?




Orders placed Friday – 9 AM the subsequent Monday will be shipped on Tuesday.


Orders placed by 9 AM Tuesday will be shipped by Wednesday.


Orders placed Wednesday – 9 AM Thursday will be shipped by Friday.



All subscription orders bill simultaneously for that week.


All orders are roasted and filled with that week’s subscription selection.

All subscription orders are shipped USPS Priority mail and can take 1-3 business days depending upon your location. Certain scheduling concessions may be made in the case of holidays



Wholesale orders received between 9 AM Monday – 9 AM Thursday are filled and shipped on Friday.


Wholesale orders received between 9 AM Thursday – 9 AM Monday are filled and shipped on Tuesday.

All wholesale orders are shipped FedEx mail and can take 1-4 business days depending upon your location. Certain scheduling concessions may be made in the case of holidays.

When should I brew my coffee?

We prefer 5-10 days after the roast date to allow for proper off-gassing, which increases the balance, complexity, and quality of our coffee.

Can you pre-grind my coffee?

We don’t pre-grind any coffee because we feel it compromises the quality.

Can I expect a particular coffee to taste just as good as it did two months ago?

While the beauty of coffee is that it goes through seasons changing flavors along the way, we use a number of different tools to ensure the consistency and quality of our coffees. We use a roast logging software to ensure consistency from roast to roast, and we also cup every production roast at least three times to ensure that every bag of a specific coffee our customers receive tastes just like the last one.

Why doesn't my coffee taste as good at home as it does in your bar?

The reasons could be endless. Yet, if you’re following our brew methods, using fresh coffee, and grinding with a burr grinder the most likely reason is water quality. Water plays a huge role in how coffee taste as coffee is 98% water. Normally your standard water filter will do the trick, but if you wanna go all out, buying spring or filtered water is the way to go.

Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

Absolutely. By accessing your subscriptions from your account dashboard you can change the frequency of your current subscription, change your billing method, place it on hold, or cancel. If you have further questions regarding subscriptions or if you require assistance with any changes please do not hesitate to let us know by emailing orders@slatecoffee.com