La Marzocco Roaster’s Showcase

Posted on Nov 16, 2012 in News

On November 2nd, Slate went public. Our gracious hosts, La Marzocco USA, invited us to participate in their Roaster’s Showcase series and we gladly accepted. Previous showcases have featured such well-regarded roasters as Kuma, Ladro and Olympia and we are honored to have our name featured alongside them.

For our showcase we elected to do things a little differently. Our goal was to utilize the space as much as possible while presenting “the Modern Menu.” Offered in various forms by coffee bars like Prufrock, 9th Street Espresso and Handsome Coffee Roasters, the modern menu is an exercise in intentionality, featuring only a few preparations and minimal Italian.  Our menu includes three items: Espresso Neat, Espresso with Milk and Hand Brewed Coffee.


As people gathered in the entryway of La Marzocco, Chelsey introduced Slate and greeted everyone as Keenan prepared a cupping of several of our coffees. While people mingled, snacked and tasted the coffees, Chelsey began inviting small groups of people into La Marzocco’s training lab, where we had set up a station for each menu item. Speaking for a few minutes about the history of Slate, our goals and convictions and the Modern Menu in general, Chelsey lead each group to their first station: Hand Brewed Coffee.


Gabe and Mark greeted these guests with their first experience with our glassware and educational focus, taking them through our V60 brew method. They served our La Mula Natural Geisha from Panama alongside the Maria Santos Washed Las Maravillas. These two coffees are quite different, demonstrating the vast range of flavors that coffee can exhibit.


As guests moved on to the next station, Nik and Brandon greeted them with our Finca Cerro Negro Honey Pacas or the Finca La Gloria Natural based on their preferences at the last station. Their choice of espresso was then paired with four ounces of milk from Pure Eire Dairy from Othello, Washington.


Finally, people made their way to the Espresso Neat station where Tim was serving the Ethiopia Washed Oromia Hawisa. Assuming our wonderful guests were now sufficiently caffeinated, Art Director Tommy Panigot discussed our design focus and sent them on their way with some parting gifts.


All in all, we were humbled to see so many excited people come out for our first event. We literally cannot thank La Marzocco enough for allowing us to use their space (we took it over for practice and set up for almost a whole week). If you made it out, thank you so much. If not we look forward to seeing you in the future!





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